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        LianFa Textile enter provinces and two of fusion pilot enterprise publicity
            On December 29, jiangsu provincial economic and informatization commission announced the 2010 jiangsu two of fusion pilot enterprise, jiangsu LianFa textile company limited by shares topped the list.
            On December 10, jiangsu provincial economy and informationization committee organized by experts in my company declare in jiangsu province of fusion pilot enterprise for two inspect the acceptance. Pivots in-depth producing, inspected the company in the internal management, production control, product development process of informationization and industrialization fusion and listen to LianFa textile deputy general manager YuYingJun general introduction about company and IE department manager WeiShunMing about the company and two of fusion and next  informatization construction planning report.of company .Pivots line express to company in two pivots line of fusion achievements expressed affirmation, communicate the country for an enterprise to two of fusion policy, and to support for the enterprise of the next two fusion will provide the working direction.
        (General manager office XiangZhongLin)
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