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             Thinking Our Growing in Lianfa
        Thinking Our Growing
            Time flies. We have stayed in Lianfa for more than one year after leaving seminary. Lianfa is a family full of ardour. During this period, we experienced sweat and joy, bitterness and hapiness. We have being mature and efficient person of Lianfa instead of babyish boys and diffident girls. We have much sentiment in Lianfa…
        Fulfil Lianfa
            In Lianfa, we work hard and enjoy our life, under master’s patient guidance,we learned the corporation culture, practice in the whole technological process in tire but happy working rhythm. All of these is useful for our future working.
        Enthusiastic Lianfa
            We can walk steadily along the career way which is made by our company. There is ordinary work but no ordinary post in Lianfa. Lianfa makes ourselves stronger and our life more significant who provides us with stage to achieve more success  in future.
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